Devon's Chance

The 3-Z light freighter was a freighter made by Nova-Drive. It was an upgraded version of the YT-1200 light freighter design to make it competitive with current offerings in the independent spacer market.

The Devon’s Chance is a particularly dilapidated model, having been used hard and minimally maintained before joining the Rebel fleet when it was taken off of a local pirate gang. The engineers and armorers at the training station have done their best to rebuild the engine, hyperdrive motivator, and crew quarters, but they aren’t miracle workers, and the ship’s hyperdrive is, at best, “flakey.” The weapons, perhaps unsurprisingly given the ship’s history, were not only well-kept, but upgraded significantly from the base 3-Z package, with additional, pop-up ventral and dorsal turrets added to the normal port and starboard turrets. The side turrets’ single laser cannons were upgraded to doubles, and the ventral and dorsal turrets actually sport true quad-linked cannons (illegal for civilians in most areas of the galaxy).

The ship is currently undercover as the Bantha’s Kiss.



  • Flakey Hyperdrive
  • Good Targeting Computer Suite (Currently offline due to damage to the sensor dish)
  • Upgraded Guns (aka Moar Dakka)
  • Fits Caleb Like a Glove Caleb has taken some time, and the efforts of several Rebel engineers and techs, to get the cockpit set up just to his liking. This makes it slightly more awkward to use for anyone else.


  • Concealed Turrets: +2 on Stealth rolls to conceal the ship’s full weapons loadout
  • Small Smuggler’s Holds: +2 on Stealth rolls to conceal small items

Other Rules

Stress: 1,2,3,4 Shield
Consequences: 2, 4, 4, 6: Missing Sensor Dish (O)
Weapon 1 on attacks made with the ventral or dorsal turrets

Devon's Chance

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