Tag: Fringe


  • The Captain

    Captain on the _[[Pleurodina | Pleurodina]]_, an aging Ghtroc 720. Captain of the vessel wherein [[:caleb | Caleb]] first demonstrated his flying skills, "The Captain" has long been a secret supporter of the Rebellion, providing much-needed materiel …

  • Larro

    Engineer and Cargo Master on the _[[pleurodina | Pleurodina]]_, Larro is a Zabrak who is almost as old and tough as his ship.

  • Russel

    "Russell" is an Aqualish night manager at a starport loading dock on Ghorman. He speaks Basic (and any other of a bajillion languages) through a droid/voice box mounted on his coveralls. His human coworkers who couldn't pronounce his name gave him the …