A night manager at a starport on Ghorman; has "connections."


“Russell” is an Aqualish night manager at a starport loading dock on Ghorman. He speaks Basic (and any other of a bajillion languages) through a droid/voice box mounted on his coveralls. His human coworkers who couldn’t pronounce his name gave him the completely illogical Corellian name.

Russell manages his legitimate job and crew quite well, actually, with a loyal gang of stevedores and maintenance techs. He also makes a handsome profit keeping his snout (do Aqualish non-noses count as snouts?) involved in the smuggling trade and the underworld in his part of Ghorman. Spacers and cartels alike know that if they spread the cheddar around Russell, things get easy. In short…Russell knows what’s going on.

Russell also has a soft spot for Marsters. Caleb doesn’t know why exactly, but according to Larro there was a flimsy dress and a bottle of Merenzane Gold involved. Caleb stopped asking questions after that.


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